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Let me tell you a bit about it

As a first design, only a few ideas came up into the low fidelity prototype that mostly simulated the known app "Tinder". In this project, the main idea is to connect dog's owners, however, I thought it had to be a more “huminize” way than just “dislike / not like” discharging profiles, so the system shows the list of profiles, allowing the user to choose which profile fit best.

The project itself took about two months to be finished, from the begining of the idea and to all the steps "empathize, define, ideate, prototype and test". The design was also modified a couple of times to improve the flow and the visual design to be more attractive. Even though the prototype is finished, it can still be developed and make it grow with new sections.

In most countries, the weather is not inconvenient to socialize, but based now in Sweden I notice that dogs are barely out in autom or winter, or if so just enough time. The gray day and the dark long nights in winter make us all more calm and not so social.
What is the matter?

The need to find dog’s owners who share the same likes and interests, and also may have already been in the same situations we may have with our dogs, has now an easy solution. For dog lovers, this can be only the beginning of a new platform to develop further possibilities. 
Easy to solve 
Maya was the first PERSONA. Showing her frustrations and goals, made many of the test's users feel related and engaged.  
Google UX Design Certificate - Persona [Template].png
First prototypes were a weak.
The Homepage and Menu changed almost entirely, but it was fun going through the process. 

My second Personas came out of a friend's inspiration. We together realized how many people, men and women strugle as single parents, trying to do the best for their sons and daughters while keeping time for themselves. 

Google UX Design Certificate - User Story [Template] (2).png


After doing the first digital prototype, I found that the User Experience was too easy and not attractive. At that point I had to change most of the figures in the app to make it more visually attractive and intersting. 

Pain points



Even though I used international icons for the bar menu, there seemed to be too simple, not interesting and specially too basic. The feedback about the design from the users was always "too easy, not very attractive", and so I had to rethink how to give a more personal touch.



The shapes weren't also very interesting, and they were modified once again just before finishing the project, given them a more "3D" effect with shades. The result seemed to please users which tested it later on. At least, it had improved. 



The first logo never got to be in the prototype. This final edition stayed from the beginning, since it represented defined colors and the idea of a symbol that I had very clear in mind, at first for a different project. 

Wrap up

As a final project for the UX designar Ceritification for Google, this app is only the beginning. Only for 2023 Imore personal projects are coming, both in app and website to work on, from the beginning to the launch and after it. ​For those personal projects I will be counting with partners with whom I share the ideas and the designs. 

Those projects are already in the earlier steps, however will be only publish in the last period of the develop. 

In the mean time, I am still interested in hearing from companies which work with UX designers, since I would love to experience different points of view from other proffesionals, learn from them and imrpove my skills. 

This is just the beginning, and much more is coming. 

Thank you

Yeray Armas 

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