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You Are Finally Here,


Let me tell you a bit about it

Within my goal to make this planet a bit better and thinking of human kind, I always have put myself under the skins of those who are lost and can not find a way out, but look for help to do so. First in movies and after meeting many people in my life with real issues, I got to think about AA and other organization with similar purpose, which I think are crucial, however still not in private, "peer to peer", but a group of users with the same circunstances, still not as private as a cup of coffee with a person you trust or at least you choose to trust. 

Alcohol, hard drugs, soft drugs, pot, you name it! Due different vices many people have lost everything, and at some point they just need some help to walk out of it. What is more human than listening a person who is opening its heart trully? Hopefully after, we get to inspire the person with our own experience trough the same matter

As simple as an app where people who has lost all and have found the inspiration to go back to track are willing to help other which contact them just to have a coffee, and share their personal situation in a private and safe enviroment.
What is the matter?
Easy to solve 
Volunteers also give the needed personal information. After ID registration, the profile will show as verified both for volunteer and user, making it as safe as possible for any one using the app
Users have a limited amount of personal information in the profile, just the necessary for the app to run appropiarty
Design is simple, with minimum distractions in order to focus on the given information. 


My Personas began to change concept this time, exploring a more accurate subject, in order to understand the user in a more deeply way which, only top companies are now using. 



With time the designs are coming sharper and more clear. With the improvement, new pain points come up in order to develop better and better. Colors and simplicity are more appropriate to apps where the purpose is related to health and improvement, and also trying to make it appealing to be better User Experience oriented, making it more attractive and interesting to be used. 

Pain points



Shapes and images are easy, styles ar personal, counters are something more to work on. Moving objects take more time and research, and even though this app has not yet gotten a working counter due other projects taking most of my time. 

Wrap up

The latest so far, a move forward. No matter what type of app or design we work on, each one can be in at least some degree oriented to help, from an app for a hospital to be booked as for a game in which the goals and tips are oriented towards logic, knowledge or other skills develop. 

In short, medium and long term I can only hope this is just the first project in my trajectory to help in one way or another, trough designs that are easy to understand, visually appearing and the best possible User Experience. 

In the mean time, I am still interested in hearing from companies which work with UX designers, since I would love to experience different points of view from other proffesionals, learn from them and imrpove my skills. 

This is just the beginning, and much more is coming. 

Thank you

Yeray Armas 

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