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The V Website


Let me tell you a bit about it

The duty was to develope a responsive website, not with special use except the practice of it with Adobe XD in this case. The V website seem to be nothing else than a prototype of a brand's merchandise, and that is what it is, the magic torn, is that this project will soon change all the stetic design to become my personal project of this year 2023.

Any other website such as "Amazon", could sell any product. However, not only The V Website will only sell products of one particular and demanded theme, yet the demand is not covered. 

What is the matter?


We did our reseach! There is a niche not yet covered, particularly in some especific places, yet the demand is there. Soon the website will have a new cover, a much more developed optioned with designings that we believe will get the interest of many, many yet not listened. 
Easy to solve
Meet Isa! Isa is a real persona as she is the PERSONA. Strong woman that has always followed others judgments towards herself, now she is making her own way, not allowing others opinions to stand on her way.
Google UX Design Certificate - Persona [Template] (1).png

As Isa does, I believe that empowering people to be themselves, the society can grow much faster and in a much better direction than if we continue with all "what we suppose to do" idea.

Be yourself, if you dare.

Google UX Design Certificate - User Story [Template].png


There is no doubt, the main pain point in this project was to be able to add as many interactive options as possible in only one frame. It was a lot of back and forth until I made all the options work as planned. 

Pain point


Wrap up


As a first project in Adobe XD, I have come up with many insight aobut preferences in order to decide which platform use depending on the type of project, since even though any of them work, certain tools are better oriented to be used in a website or app. 
In the mean time, I am still interested in hearing from companies which work with UX designers, since I would love to experience different points of view from other proffesionals, learn from them and imrpove my skills. 

This is just the beginning, and much more is coming. 

Thank you

Yeray Armas 

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