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Yuiri II

"Gran Canaria RIB: Premier coastal services for divers"


Let me tell you a bit about it

Crafting an immersive digital experience for Gran Canaria's coastal exploration, my role as a UX/UI Designer is to seamlessly blend innovation with adventure. With a singular RIB as the vessel, I strive to design an intuitive online platform that mirrors the ease and excitement of our on-water journeys. The interface serves as a portal for enthusiasts – from biologists to private divers – providing not just booking convenience, but a virtual hub for insights, community engagement, and a preview of the underwater wonders awaiting. This project embodies a convergence of aesthetics and functionality, where every click echoes the thrill of marine discovery.

Revolutionizing Gran Canaria's RIB booking, I tackle the challenge of complexity. For biologists, divers, and clubs, the current system lacks user-friendliness, resulting in frustration. As a UX/UI Designer, I strive to simplify this journey, creating an intuitive, visually engaging interface. Clear calls-to-action, streamlined forms, and an appealing layout redefine the booking process. The redesigned interface aims to transform user interactions, making reservations effortless and enjoyable. With a focus on user-centric design, I aim to turn the anticipation for coastal adventures into a seamless experience from the moment users land on the app.
What is the matter?
Transformed Gran Canaria's RIB booking for biologists, divers, and clubs, prioritizing user experience. The redesigned interface simplifies steps, ensuring effortless navigation and a visually pleasing design. Clear calls-to-action and streamlined forms create an intuitive process, enhancing overall satisfaction and anticipation for coastal adventures.
Easy to solve 
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Transform your travel experience with my user-centric calendar system. Effortlessly select destinations and durations for a personalized, stress-free trip planning journey. Easy, efficient, and delightful, ensuring a seamless booking process.
Enhance your booking experience effortlessly. Choose guests, dates, locations, and hours seamlessly with user-friendly options. Ensure a secure journey through prepaid reservations, making your travel arrangements streamlined and worry-free.

Pain points

As the RIB booking project evolves, design refinement introduces new challenges. A potential pain point lies in striking the right balance between aesthetics and functionality. Ensuring a visually appealing interface while maintaining seamless user navigation can be a delicate challenge. Colors and simplicity play vital roles, especially for an app related to coastal adventures. The ongoing journey involves addressing these design challenges to enhance the overall user experience, making it visually attractive and user-friendly for individuals, including biologists, divers, and club members.



My Personas began to change concept this time, exploring a more accurate subject, in order to understand the user in a more deeply way which, only top companies are now using. 



Wrap up

This project marks a significant stride in transforming Gran Canaria's RIB booking experience. From simplifying the process for biologists, divers, and clubs to enhancing overall user satisfaction, the journey towards seamless and visually engaging coastal adventures is underway.

In the short and long term, my commitment remains unwavering—to continue crafting designs that are user-friendly, visually appealing, and deliver the best possible experience. As I embark on this trajectory, I am keen to collaborate with companies in the UX design space, seeking diverse perspectives to further refine and expand my skills.

This is just the inception of a journey filled with more innovations and improvements.

Thank you,


Yeray Armas

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